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Currently I’m accepting new clients.         My phone: 360-390-8337
Convenient Location in Uptown Port Townsend, Washington, near the Post Office.
Sessions are via Zoom or in my Office Garden.

Getting Started
Choosing a therapist is an important step.  We can talk by phone to help you decide if you want to engage my services. Below is information on how I work with couples, individuals and families.

My Approach to Therapy
I chose to train as a Family Therapist because we all live in a web of relationships: parents, siblings, spouse, partner, children, friends and co-workers. No matter what age we are, our relationships effect our health and well-being.  I often work with individuals,  as well as couples and families. Our primary relationships molded us in the past and shape our present. The exploration in System’s Therapy is  to notice relationship patterns, decide what you might want to shift, then build the skills to move towards new, positive patterns.   You can change and enhance the quality of your relationships.

People often come with a specific change goal, in mind. Perhaps a struggle with depression or anxiety. Others come to the journey of therapy to assist in a life transition–parenting, marrying, partnering, separating or helping your teen or child through a difficult time.  I listen to your goals for positive change and get to know your strengths as an individual, couple or family. Then we work together to use those strengths to create the changes you want in your life and relationships.

Why Family Therapy?
Our family of origin effects our outlook on life, beliefs and sense of self.  Growing up, we learn patterns of relating, thinking, feeling and doing.  Some of those patterns serve us well, and we continue them gladly. Other patterns don’t serve our health or well-being. That’s the skill-building challenge of learning new communication approaches, parenting skills, emotional self regulation skills.

The Stress Response
The stress of modern life takes a toll on families. We often find time with loved ones affected by work demands. Stress builds and tempers get short. Our relationships can suffer. I use a systemic approach to understand your household members, examine the patterns you most want to change, then coach and encourage the growth  of each family member and overall family function. I teach Mindfulness techniques and skills, from cutting-edge neuroscientific research and the field of Buddhist Psychology to manage stress.

As a Washington State certified “Child Mental Health Specialist”, I have extensive experience treating difficulties of childhood such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), trauma, anxiety, attachment, depression and helping children adjust to illness, being adopted or fostered.  At your request, I can confer with teachers, principals, physicians, acupuncturists, psychiatric ARNP’s, psychiatrists and social workers in a team approach to help a youth.