Fees & Forms

Disclosure – Confidentiality and other Forms
Intake forms are all done online, at my  HIPAA-compliant health portal. In session, we will discuss the information you provided. I email you the health portal link when you schedule your first appointment.

Sessions and Cancellations
Sessions are 60 minutes long, unless otherwise agreed. Cancellations require 48 hour notice, or payment for the full session is due at the next appointment.

Payment Options
Payment in full is due at the time of each session, by credit card (on my health portal), cash or check.
Fee for first session (intake/assessment) is $150.
Fees for parent/child or families are $120 per session.
Fees for couples, $120 per session.
Fees for individuals is  $120 per session.
Telephone consultation will be charged at $25 per 15 minutes. Payment is due at the beginning of your next scheduled session.
Routine calls and scheduling calls of less than 10 minutes are no charge.
Out of office work, such as consultation with school or physician will be scheduled with advance parental agreement and billed at $120 per hour, including travel time. These services will be billed to you at the next session and payment will be required at that time.

I do not take any insurance.  At time of service, full payment is due. Upon request, I will provide “SuperBills” for you to submit to your insurance for possible re-imbursement.  These are available to you on your account in my health portal. (I encourage clients to call their insurance customer service number and ask what the reimbursement rate is for out-of-network services.)
ON MEDICARE, OVER 65:  I am not a Medicare provider.  You cannot submit Superbills to Medicare, only to your ‘supplemental’ insurance provider.